Jira Help Desk System. English into Russian ­
Help Desk Software
It is futile to translate software without having the necessary acumen and keen understanding of its inner workings, but our background in the IT industry allows Solus Rex to present your product to its users in a convenient, easy to grasp way. We worked with platforms for submitting help requests, tracking issues within a workflow, setting up knowledge bases, establishing self-help portals, and through our relentless efforts brought all these and other projects to fruition.
We have the knowledge of the best practices in the industry, common lingo among the professionals from different areas, foundations of ITSL solutions, applications of ITIL practices, cloud-based and on-premises deployments, and fully commit ourselves to the quality of our deliverables and their adherence to the source matter.
Network Security Platforms
Network security is a major concern in the age of rampant cybercrime, which is why we apply our best knowledge of device validation, mobile and enterprise device management solutions, and threat assessment to provide the most accurate context for your security environments, user and administration onboarding guides, and safe access interfaces in the target language.
We take it upon ourselves to stay on top of the new developments in digital security technology in every language pair that we work with, so that every report, every last bit of terminology or recommendation for your users and personnel remain transparent and understood.
MobileIron Software Interface. English into Russian ­
PixelStreaming User Guide. English into Russian ­
Game Engine Documentation
Gaming is a special area of interest for Solus Rex, and we don't limit ourselves to the final product alone. At every step of the process, from design documentation to development, from playtesting to release, we keep our finger on the pulse and are ready to step in for a linguistic consultation on the best practices for a particular market.
We offer localization of documentation for both users and developers and have experience of working with videoguides, step-by-step instructions, snippets of code with commentary, best practices for popular engines, use cases, and more.