Every epoch deserves the kind of translation that it either adores or endures. –Ivan Kashkin
At Solus Rex, we believe in an academic approach to localization. Our Chief Editor is a Ph.D. in Philology and Translation Theory, and we always ensure that the final text preserves the original meaning of the source while maintaining its consistency, pragmatic function, and imagery. We value scientific contributions to the language studies and pay back to the community by conducting theoretical research and publishing the findings of our analysis on various topics, be it Romanization of proper names and toponyms, transcreation of market-specific messages, the role of translation in creating a bilingual and multilingual urban landscape, various modes of communication between native and non-native speakers, and many more important linguistic matters that play a significant role in the appeal of the translated text to its intended audience.
Translation Agency Founder
Ivan Zots
Founder of Solus Rex, Doctor of Sciences in Philology Master of Translation Theory
For these reasons, you can be certain that your project, no matter the theme or volume, will be handled with the highest degree of care, responsibility, and dedication. Every localization task that we perform is supplemented by an expansive preliminary research and preparation, close study of the topic at hand, and queries to specialists in the field — all to make sure that no room remains for unintended ambiguity or even the smallest imprecision.

If you're looking to introduce your product or company to a new market, get the lay of the land in a foreign environment, or simply receive a linguistic consultation on a complex topic, Solus Rex is always at your service. No task is too small, no assignment is too unimportant to apply anything less than our best effort. We enjoy building healthy, strong working relationships with our customers, and through that equally valued partnership continue our mutual development and professional growth.

The range of services we provide is wide and varied and includes:

- Localization ­— translation with a specific goal in mind, obeying the rules and traditions of the target language,
- Transcreation ­— a more creative approach to localization that reflects subtle peculiarities of the target market in the final text without necessarily following the source word for word,
- Proofreading and Editing ­— we'll make sure that your text corresponds to the strictest requirements of orthography, punctuation, and recommendations of head specialists in the field,
- Terminology Management —­ we build up and maintain terminology databases for use today and in the future, so that every project within the same area remains consistent throughout new iterations,
- Linguistic Quality Assurance ­— if you'd like to double check and finalize your translation, we will help by asking our experts to conduct an objective, detailed review,
- Transcription and Subtitling of Audio ­— we have experience in subtitling film trailers and educational videos to prepare them for a voice-over,
- Composition of Styleguides ­— when working on larger projects with other teams, we are willing to write and maintain styleguides to help everyone follow the same techniques and terms for the consistent results.

Whatever concern you have, whatever challenge stands before you, if it has anything to do with the language, we can assist. Translation is more than a job for us — it's our forte and our way of life. Contact us by phone, email, through Telegram, Skype, or LinkedIn, and your personal team of linguistic experts will reach out to you without hesitation.